Thursday, 27 March 2014

モクレンでの舞子 Maiko in the Magnolias


Just now I finished a picture. Yay. The picture, which I started the day before yesterday, was drawn using pastels. Normally I don't name my pictures, but this one has a name. It's called "Maiko in the Magnolias". 

Now I'll show you some photos.

On a spring day, with Maiko, I went to the place where Cherry blossom comes out first on Shodoshima and took lots of photos.

First I drew the easy background colours.

3. 次に家と庭を詳細に描いた。家は難しかったけど、すぐ綺麗になったと思う。
 Next, I drew the house and garden in detail. The house was difficult, but I think it quickly became beautiful.

4. この写真は家が見えやすいで。
Here's a photo where it's easy to see the house.

 5. 次にモクレンの木を描いた。暗い色の上に描いたので、難しかった。もし、もう一度描くならば、モクレンの明るい花を先ず描く。
Next, I drew the magnolia trees. Because I drew over dark colours, it was tough. If I did it again, I'd draw the bright flowers first.

6. 最後に友達の舞子を描いた。人の描きかたをあんまり知らないから、大変だったけど、これで良かったかもしれない。僕が決めることではないけれども。
Finally, I drew my friend Maiko. Because I don't know how to draw people, it was hard, but I think, perhaps it turned out okay. Though that's not for me to decide.

Maiko in the Magnolias

The End.

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