Friday, 26 April 2013

Entry 39

Entry 39

time there: thirteen months four days three clicks and sixteen twists.
today's measurements compared with yesterdays:
distance from the northern edge of the market to the line: +122.9xm.
distance from the narrowstrait to the line: +130.84xm.
distance from this very desk in the school to the line: -12.01xm


Guards along the line are still patrolling on both sides. There is talk of the number here being increased as a pre emptive measure in case of an attack. Talks between both sides are said to be continuing, but many in the school, teachers and students alike, don't see the use. "They are always talking, but never stop to listen" one of the therespeak teachers muttered today. I'm unsure whether he was talking to me or not.
The uneven shift of the line continues. 
Today a guard stopped me to ask me what I was doing so close to the line but I managed to pretend I didn't understand therespeak and as I'd already rolled in the tape, I walked away. His target lingered on me for a moment but not for long. 

The family sent another card. This one they wrote in visible ink. That's a good sign, I suppose. They're not so worried about it being read now, but there wasn't much of use in it. They asked me about my research, but I won't write back about that. Anyway, it's not conclusive yet. I'm still mapping. It might be the gloomy weather that's hanging over the school today, flecking the windows with rain, but I don't have high hopes for where the research is taking me. I have a few ideas, but not enough proof. Research is nothing without evidence. I won't say anything until I am sure.

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