Wednesday, 28 November 2012

A day without classes but not without studying

It's four minutes until it's time to go home from school/work and it's safe to say I've had the laziest of days. I've been sitting at my desk so much my bum's rather uncomfortable. Must not get fat. (Bridget Jones thought of the day)

I've been studying Japanese a little and I even got to practice a bit which is never a bad thing. One of the tasks in the exercise book Japanese from Zero Book 2 was to write a conversation using the language I had learnt so far (where is the ...., it's over there, next to the ..... Which .... is it next to? That. ... etc) It's coming together quite well. I find composing it pretty quick/easy (perhaps that's a little too strong a word, but it's not difficult anyway at this stage) but what is difficult is the remembering it and the reproducing. I find reading it outloud slow too. I've got to practice bymyself more because though it's nice asking the teachers and a very good way to learn, I can only ask them so many times and once I've used up all their patience, work won't be so fun.

It's time to leave, but I just want to finish a little story or two. Today I tested one of the teachers on her Welsh. I've been intermittently teaching her a phrase or two. Her pronunciation is great, it's just remembering it that she finds difficult. So the same as me with Japanese, except I don't have the pronunciation... She, unfortunately only remembered "Dwy'n" (I'm) of the sentence "Dwy'n athrawes Siapanieg" (I'm a Japanese teacher" Oh balls, I should have illicited "Saesneg" (English) not "Siapanieg" (Japanese) as that's what she teaches. Doh. I wondered where she was going with what she was struggling to say. Maybe that was where!

Oh well, learners are forgiving of teachers mistakes, right?!

I hope so, because I make ample and so does everyone else apparently.

Last quick story. Rambles on over time.
I turned around, as I often do, at the sound of the staff room (shokuin shitsu) being slid noisily open, and looked at the person coming in. Then looked back at my desk, back to my browsing of the starcraft pages I expect or was I writing an email? Either way, then I snapped back. It was one of the important teachers from one of my other schools. I was quick taken aback seeing him out of place. And, it seemed, so was he. Normally comfortable and content, he looked oddly sheepish and hesitant. He wondered in, greeted everyone but made a beeline for me. He's a nice teacher, he gave me a lift to my house in order for me to go to the drinking party at the start of term. And in his slightly out of place state, he clung to me. It was so strange. Normally I'm the one out of place, but for once it wasn't me at all. He spied my laptop and asked what it was I was working on and looked quite desperate to be occupied while he waited to be summoned for the meeting he said he was here for. It was lovely. Shiota, I remembered his name. Shiota sensei. He's the biology teacher according to Miki sensei (biology teacher in today's school). Well that's that, time to head off, I'm seven minutes overdue!
It's been so long since I've posted, how do I end these things? God speed?

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