Thursday, 12 July 2012

Things to do

I’ve done a fair few new things lately.

I’ve eaten, made and essentially become part sushi.
I’ve sea kayaked, climbed a mountain or two, driven in a typhoon, seen and killed things I didn’t even know existed before this month.

And it’s got me thinking, what sort of things would I like to do before I bid this place farewell (and I’m not talking Japan or Asia here)
I had a nice little idea the other day. It came to me as I was walking back to the teachers' room from the photocopier room in Tonoshou High School. It was a gusty day and I was carrying a bundle of freshly copied papers. A what if… moment occurred.
The papers slip out of my hands, hundreds of them, separating instantly and momentarily blotching out the sky before dispersing in an instant… but then what if it wasn’t some sunny and dusty playground they were scattering in and it wasn’t faded white sheets, but the edge of a cliff, above a roaring ocean, with a thousand different coloured sheets of paper, all yearning to paint rainbows in the sky and the sea and everywhere they can get to. So that’s what I want to do. One little thing. It would certainly make a good photo and boy would it be fun, but could it be fun AND a good photo? Sure, as long as I do it twice, once through the lens and once through my own eyes.

What else?

Write a story with someone else? Well I’ve hardly written my own yet, so not sure I’m ready for that, but yea, one day. Not exactly profound or exciting though is it? (well the result could be)
Have an asian baby. Yea okay, who knows, but boy are they cute.
What else can I do? Teach English in an Asian country, check.
Paint the same beach ten times, check.
Beat a Japanese man at Japanese chess, check mate.


  1. Cough. I thought you said you were going to do those things with me (not the baby, but the paper and the story). I don't feel speical anymore, you worm.

    1. Well I haven't done it yet. Plus if all else fails, you ARE asian.

    2. Oh my god you and Manisha would have the cutest baby ever!!!!!!

    3. Rachel, this is true. Now tell me why aren't you set to following the blog? :P