Wednesday, 27 June 2012

8 new words

I'm studying Japanese (Nihongo o benkyou shiteimasu)
and I've reached a point where there are 8 brand new words that I can spell with the letters I've learnt.
There's something in me which has me lacing them together into a story, which Freud would judge, harshly.

  1. ぬぐ (nugu) to undress
  2. にっき (nikki) diary
  3. ねじ (neji) screw
  4. ねあげ (neage) a rise in price
  5. かね (kane) steel
  6. にく (niku) meat
  7. ねぎ (negi) green onion
  8. なつかしい (natsukashii) longed for, dear

Let your minds wander and I wonder if your story resembles mine in any way shape or form

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