Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Gosh my life is full of beautiful verbs

Haruka and Henro

I’ve started writing again and boy do I have a lot to write about now. I actually feel a bit guilty for how long it’s been since I wrote in my blog (in, on, for, a?!)

It’s been so long since I’ve mentioned what I’ve been up to. Here’s a list of things I've done, in no particular order, perhaps I will elaborate on each, or, as is more likely knowing me, I’ll pick one that’s not on the list and go off on a tangent that ends me up in some god forsaken place (Hmm sounds like my driving. Oh here we go…) :

  • Temples, shrines, temples shrines, templesshrines,templeshrines, templrines,temrines,trines,TRIES!

  • Onsen – which included one comically timed personal question and some inappropriate use of a hairdryer (not by myself of course)

  • Maffia x 3. Narrating is SO fun, especially as I essentially narrate my life every day with all these blogs and journals I’ve got flying around.

  • Welsh cakes and cooking class in a temple. Maybe next time it'll be lasagne I'm giving the recipe to...

  • Shodoshima grown strawberry jam and homemade dessert, such a lovely gift. A more poetic man would describe their gratitude more eloquently.

  • A postcard from my hairdresser with such a nice note on it.  "thank you for your comming a store!
    Moreover, lets's speak variously"

  • Aforementioned haircut and prior refusal for a haircut, due to...?

  • Haruka’s fleshing out nicely, soon she’ll be ready to manifest. After watching Chronicle last night, I feel like she’s a bit like the main character Andrew in that, but perhaps she is redeemable. Perhaps.

  • Reversing a long way along a narrow road, up hill. Doh. Which made me late for the first time to work. Eeks.

  • Hysterical questions about what happens if you pass wind in a class and the children hear – avec Liz and Lorianne.

  • Three observations of other teachers – all very different styles, all very interesting to watch.

  • The internet is looming closer, actual internet. Diablo 3 playable internet.

  • Waking up at 5am for sutra readings, chanting, a sort of rite of passage through a dark tunnel under the temple, one hand on the wall, the other half praying the darkness isn’t holding any sharp objects and slowly realising the wall is shifting around a corner. A dark, unseeable corner.

  • The realisation that when living alone, tidying’s more of a chore than you’d expect, but cooking is an indulgence worth pushing out the boat for.

  • A mental to do list which primarily consists of getting to bed by an early hour and being creative with my every waking hour. Read. Write. Paint. Pastel. Bake. Teach. Gosh my life is full of beautiful verbs.

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