Thursday, 17 May 2012

Baking A little Wales into Japan

So previously I made Lemon Meringue Pie and just this second I've finished making Welshcakes.

And it wasn't a disaster. Woohoo. Something worthy of celebrating with a glass of wine and maybe a cake... a welsh cake even.

So there was lots of preparation but it went smoothly, but I deviated from the recipe on quite a few fronts.

Here is the original recipe. I've not tried it before, but I left my recipe book at home so I was in need of a recipe and bbcgoodfood's usually fair to its namesake. I omitted the baking powder and the mixed spice as I have neither and finding the flour was hard enough, not to mention the sugar and the first thing I bought thinking it was margarine... well that's another story, which relates very much to an earlier blog.

I also added a large number of mixed nuts (which included almonds, macadamia and walnuts and a few msyterious ones)

Firstly I only started taking photos when I'd already made the dough, but that bits easy.

There was mixing.

And then my Umeshu Bottle was used to roll out the dough. Shame the lid wasn't entirely on, but, hey, a little plum wine can never ruin a cake.

Pretty cutters aka upside down glasses.

YES, Welsh cakes are fried.

That definitely isn't caster sugar, but it tastes like sugar (always a plus) and it went into the mix without turning green or exploding (unlike what Neville Longbottom would manage in Potions, aka Cooking for magical folk)

The final result, a box of sugared welsh cakes. I've already had four. Well that's my evenings sorted for a month, a stone a day I say.

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