Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Thoughts of the week

Hmmm I think we should turn around. OH CRAP.

Hmmm I wonder how good Japanese kids are at Badminton. HOLY CRAP. Maybe I won't join the club.

What? They want me? Oh god, not another introduction speech.... phew not that, so what is it? They want me out of the teacher's room? I'm being escorted to a small room and told to stay there. Why? "It's a secret." Ooooo :o

How do all these kids know my name? I'm pretty sure I've not taught these ones.

Oh god they're herding this way... ahhh kids!

Pretend you know which bin to put it in, act decisive. Oh god but if I get the wrong one...

What's her name again?

What's his name?

"Full tank please". Points at fuel gauge, "F" "Full." "Chotto matte" ...  looks up the Japanese for full.

Dean is so Mrs Elton.

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