Monday, 16 April 2012

Really quickly, there can't be any editing or for that matter any full stops, so here goes, at a jogging pace, the weekend was full, chockablock completely full, like a crushed cube of cherry blossom, not the best of metaphors, but hey, drinks on friday, with Lorianne and her charming friend Kaori, someone got lost in the dark, some umeshu or  梅酒  or plum wine if you'd prefer, was drunk, a chair was found, a stumbling wanderer was born and yes that sums it up nicely. Oh hell a full stop. Saturday gave me a nice twelve hours of sleep, think the week of teaching (the kids are awesome, but it takes a lot of energy and voice out of you giving them lessons) may have zonked me, and then in the afternoon I caught a ferry to Takamatsu and met up with Stephanie (yay she picked me up :) ) and we hanamied it up with David in the cherryblossom-flooded Ritsurin park. David brought a blanket, I brought some snacks and more   梅酒  and Stephanie and I shared some sushi surrounded by a thousand cooling blossom petals. We psyched ourselves up for actually talking to some of the people we didn't know around us. It took a while and in fact we didn't really do much leg work, we just positioned ourselves near the biggest group of foreigners (yes I know in Japan, talking to foreigners, typical! but hey the story's not over yet!) and we eventually got chattting to a fair few of the mostly JET people. drinks...drunk else, chatting with a Japanese man, talking to a selection of japanese students, who found out we were teachers and immediately backed off, free tequila shots, strangely expensive drinks, throwing peanuts on the floor. Uh oh blog has degenerated into a list, ahh deal with it. drunken stumbling for David's car, okay, maybe just me stumbling, conversation with manisha on skype at ungodly-hour. Stayed at Stephanie's, went to shopping centre (youmetown) and bought a full length mirror and a godsend, something to tie the lights in the apartment higher, yay I don't have to duck!!! missed one ferry, went to the castle for lunch, chatted to some kids, some adults, one turned out to be the sister of one of my english teachers. got given sweets, got taken over to the parents' of aforementioned kids, was offered alcohol, sat down (and politely declined) felt surreal and amazing, sitting surrounded by strangers who were eager to know who we were and to practice their own english. It was absolutely lovely and so many people spoke to us. It's tricky to know whether to greet in english or japanese, because i want to practice, but i know they do too.

Okay, i'm almost done, i promise. after running (again!) to catch the ferry and making it this time and failing to find a seat, we sat upstairs on the roof of the ferry and watched the waves. On shodoshima, we drove near the school in shodo (which i've got tomorrow, yay!) and found a sign which pointed us to a mountain and followed it. The scenery wasn't just beautiful, it was breathtaking, we just kept rounding corners and gasping. It's good the roads were empty because we kept stopping to take photos. Stephanie virtually jumped out before i'd stopped the car to run into one of the temples. that was really nice that place, so sunny, temples which eerily were lit and rattled a bit and had a buzzing bumble bee in it but no sign of anyone. Stephanie rang a very big bell. tut tut. we took way too many photos and then hurried on in search for the peak. we found monkeys but not the peak. we got told to shut the car door in case a monkey came in by a japanese man and his friend. we chased monkeys, almost ran over monkeys, gasped at pheasents and hoped the monkeys would move off the road and carried on. so many nice views, topped by a beautiful sunset. Here:


  1. Oh my god... that picture is amazing. Absolutely breathtaking.

    I love your ramble. I understood pretty much everything. That's so sweet that one of the students invited you over and they all wanted to practice their English. Awww. I wish I could come visit you! (maybe I can... but not for awhile. Stupid money)

    1. Do, you're more than welcome. In fact you're SUPERwelcome, which is more than welcome on the welcome scale. Oh look another ramble. Gosh I can't believe I'm sunburnt already, it's only april!