Monday, 2 April 2012

Japanese Thoughts.

Questions/thoughts that ran through my head in the last few days:

What does that button do...? Oooooo gollly!
Is that cooking oil or bleach?
I hope it was plastic bags I bought earlier... damn it's clingfilm.
I don't think that was butter.
Why's my white sauce brown?
How the hell do you eat sweetcorn with chopsticks?
Where's that beeping coming from?
Hmm, I'll signal left. SHIT, pressed window wipers.
Hmm, I'll signal right. DOUBLE CRAP, pressed window wipers again.
I hope that's not a stop sign.
Why's the car struggling. Oh, the parking break...
*Man speaks Japanese to me* If I just nod and smile, he'll stop eventually.
I hope I'm going to the right island.
Uh oh I'm breaking the rules.
Mustn't walk and eat.
Mustn't think about walking and eating.

Thoughts as I got the ferry for the first time:

Oooo my island, gosh it's tiny. Oh it's not that one. Oooo I bet it's that tiny one with the pretty beach. Nope not that one. *carries on for half an hour* Oh there it is. Wow, it's big (that's what she said)

Oh and a final thought:

It's not cheating if I use a knife is it...

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