Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Is it possible to assemble a desk with Japanese instructions?

(When you don't speak Japanese)

Here goes:

Three pieces together so far! Following pictures, ignoring writing.

Uh oh, which piece is the picture referring to, the big white slab, or the slightly smaller big white slab?
Really? You want me to use that massive screw in that tiny hole? No. No I won't do it. It's wrong.

An extra hand or two really would be useful right now.

Ignoring some pieces and instructions is pretty reasonable. It's a new country. Things are bound to be unnecessary.

Okay I'll go back to those steps, but I'm pretty sure it'd be okay without them.

May need to pause until I have a screwdriver. Darn it. Scissors and knife, which is a better screwdriver? Scissors so far.

Oh I wish I hadn't skipped those steps. There are screws I should have added, which are now really hard to add. But it looks like a desk. Hmmm if I take the top bit off, the scissors are working well enough, I can do this, I can get to those damn screws!

Almost there!

All but one screw completely screwed in. Scew the last one. Screw it.

My tools and my desk. Not too shabby.

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