Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Last night in Swansea

Things to do this evening:

Make a sleeping bag look like a bed,
Empty rubbish,
Finish really quite late assignments
Check I've not forgotten anything,
Find a place for everything about Swansea in suitcase
Don't listen to "Lay all your love on me" any more, it's getting old!

I wonder how well I'll achieve any of the above. It's weird, but kind of fun feeling lots of unexpected emotions. I did cry earlier, saying goodbye to Tom, after a day on the beach (+ a little under my umbrella filming) and mum and dad came down for a meal and that was pretty sad too, but for some reason tears didn't come then. It's so lovely how great they both are with me :) Okay, no sentimentality. I really really should finish the grammar assignments. I've definitely spent more than an hour on it now, surely, but I suppose Tom was cutting my hair during most of that hour so I probably wasn't giving it my all.

Reading tomorrow.
Japan the next day.
Okay, don't panic Mr Mannering.

Oh and ta da I went to Gower before leaving:

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