Sunday, 11 March 2012

Day one

I've been addicted to quite a few things in my 24 years. Starcraft 1, knock-knock jokes, Starcraft 2, Magic, but now it is pretending to be Morgandore. I want to paint, I need to finish the painting of three cliffs bay before I go to Japan. I need to do a few other a little more pressing things too, like the assignments for Japan, but I'll do them tomorrow. It's always tomorrow, never "I did them today". 

So pretending to be a headmaster of Mogwarts on facebook. Well I thought knock knock jokes were bad. It's just so competitive and oh god those little red precious notifications. Like packets of drugs. Give me one! Okay, withdrawal symptoms might be kicking in. Perhaps I should answer that "Manisha messaged you" that keeps flashing in the other tab. I suppose she did create you. She's your Maker. It's time I spoke to her, and maybe I could check Mogwarts one more time... Sayonara.

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