Thursday, 29 March 2012

Overnight in Takamatsu

 So apparently I'm staying overnight in Takamatsu,

Here's the view from (sadly not my hotel room) the tallest building I could find:

It overlooks the harbour too and looks amazing.

It's 8pm now, I've skyped mum and dad, Tom and Louisa. What now? Today's been quite fun, starting out surrounded by familiar people (ALTs) and slowly but surely being wittled down by parting ways until it's just me at Takamatsu getting a cycled tour of the city. I've found my first supermarket and spent 1400 Yen on one bag of food, it seems expensive. I think it is, but how expensive, I can't really tell yet. Tomorrow, Shodoshima! I'm tempted to go out and explore the city, it's dark and I don't know where to head. Should I?! Maybe I'll talk to the lady at the desk downstairs first...unless William comes online...

1 comment:

  1. Eeee!!! It's all so exciting! (this is Rachel S. by the way. Don't worry, I will eventually get your umbrella hollywood sign shot)

    For the currency, it's much easier to just mentally hack off the last two zeros and the amount will be closer to what it actually is. Fortunately for you, the pound sterling is good against the yen (and everything else it seems. Damn lucky brits). So that 1400 bag of food was only 10 quid!